The Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan Museum: From Joke to Reality

Congratulations, New Yorkers! Not only are you the envy of every arts-and-culture-starved burg of these United States, but now you've got something else to be proud of: A Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan museum opening in Brooklyn! (Surprise!) » 3/03/15 1:30pm 3/03/15 1:30pm

Confessions Of A Tonya Harding Apologist

I was 5 years old when I fell in love with Tonya Harding. The year was 1988, and I had just taken up figure skating. My favorite aunt, Julie, had recently moved from my Maryland neighborhood to Portland, Ore., and I was determined to find something to like about the state. Tonya, a scrappy Oregonian underdog, was the… » 1/17/14 12:49pm 1/17/14 12:49pm

Meet The Lady Director Behind The Tonya Harding Doc, The Price of Gold

Tonight, ESPN is set to air a "30 for 30" documentary, The Price of Gold, which chronicles the Nancy Kerrigan–Tonya Harding scandal that rocked the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Vulture's Lindsey Weber has a pretty terrific interview with the documentary's director, Nanette Burstein, who previously helmed the… » 1/16/14 10:30pm 1/16/14 10:30pm

Get Ready For Some Ultra-Crappy Olympic Figure Skating Coverage

If you were hoping against hope that you'd be able to enjoy the Sochi Winter Olympics this February, despite all the Russian anti-gay fuckery, because cuddling up with your couch blanket and mug of spiked apple cider for days and days of prime-time coverage of figure skating is your idea of a little slice of glitter… » 1/06/14 4:15pm 1/06/14 4:15pm

Finding Gillooly: What Happened To Figure Skating's Infamous Villain?

Tonya Harding: Still Sticking To Her Story, 15 Years After Nancy…

Today, Oprah followed up on "big news stories from the '90s." Former U.S. Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding was on, still sticking to her story that her ex-husband's friends attacked Nancy Kerrigan, without her knowledge. » 4/23/09 8:00pm 4/23/09 8:00pm

Will Hillary's "Tonya Harding Option" Leave Country To Eastern Bloc…

Oh, Hillary. We know how it is. You've worked too hard, stayed too scrappy. You made amends with the vast right wing conspiracy and pulled some tale from your ass about sniper fire raining down on you and just told America John McCain would lead the nation into nothing less than the Great Depression... You got Chelsea… » 3/26/08 10:00am 3/26/08 10:00am