The Definitive List of Shondaland's Hottest Baes

This fall, in addition to Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, Shonda Rhimes is launching the show. The Catch stars cutie Damon Dayoub. Additionally, a new light-eyed man named Kendrick Sampson will be seen over on HTGAWM, and a possible new McDreamy is coming to Grey’s Anatomy. As new beautiful… » 7/27/15 4:30pm 7/27/15 4:30pm

Of Course Bill Clinton Watches Scandal

Well into its second season, Shonda Rhimes' juicy, sexy, highly-addictive Washington ABC thriller/drama Scandal is a bona fide hit. The show's star, Kerry Washington — and her costar, Tony Goldwyn — are on the new cover of Entertainment Weekly, and the mag reminds us that Scandal is not just a TV show but a live-tweet… » 4/03/13 5:00pm 4/03/13 5:00pm