Arianna Huffington Decided to Recreate President Obama's Selfie

In today's Tweet Beat, Tony Danza meets the Mona Lisa, Justin Bieber's mom shockingly loves him and Arianna Huffington does a weird thing. » 12/11/13 7:30pm 12/11/13 7:30pm

Rosie Calls Elisabeth A Twat Swat; Kristen Stewart: "I Would Kill For…

20 Famous Big Dicks

We're not size queens or anything but the HBO comedy Hung—about a man (Thomas Jane) with a large penis—premieres in June, and it got us thinking about big penises, the ultimate status symbol for men*. After the jump, a list of famous ones. » 5/28/09 5:00pm 5/28/09 5:00pm

Tony Danza Is Sinatra Obsessed • Playboy Apologizes For "Sexy" Virgin…

• A Staten Island man with the last name Sinatra claims that Tony Danza stalked him in 2005 because he thought he was related to Frank. • » 12/15/08 5:20pm 12/15/08 5:20pm

Speidi Dines With Joe Francis? • Nicole Kidman Is Luxurious In Leather

Welcome back to the Monday morning edition of Snap Judgment, in which we publish the celebrity snaps that came in over the earlier part of the weekend. Inside: Naveen Andrews, George Clooney, Kristen Johnson, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Joe Francis, Lindsay Lohan, Sam Ronson, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, and Mr. and… » 8/11/08 9:15am 8/11/08 9:15am