Season's Greetings from Tony Blair and His Worst, Creepiest Smile 

On Monday, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, his teeth, and his wife Cherie released a Christmas card that would make all of the characters from Love Actually cry. Looking at it for too long is hypnotic in a kind of terrifying way. And it didn't take the internet long to jump on the Tony Blair Christmas Card… » 12/02/14 2:20pm 12/02/14 2:20pm

The Cherie Blair Bashing Appears To Be Well-Deserved

We often discuss girl-on-girl crime in these parts, which is to say that we condemn baseless bad-mouthing of a woman based on her appearance or her gender. But what we don't always point out is the idea that well-argued criticism is not the same as crime. This is not a motherfucking kumbaya circle, people. Which is… » 5/22/08 4:40pm 5/22/08 4:40pm

Eddie Murphy Is Loyal — 'Til You Have His Baby

  • Eddie Murphy is on crack if he thinks a little bling is enough to convince the world that he treats his girlfriends well. Um, remember that you fathered and denied, Eddie? []
  • Oh come on people: There are enough real bombs in this world. Don't plant fake ones. [BBC]
  • Memo to President Bush: We already know that…
  • » 7/24/07 7:55pm 7/24/07 7:55pm

Sienna Miller Attends "Kitchen Sink" School Of Fashion Inspiration

  • Sienna Miller on the inspiration behind the first collection of her clothing line 'Twenty8Twelve by s.miller': "Dickensian London, French peasant style and Seventies New York rock 'n' roll." And, uh, what else? WAF Pilots, cavemen, scuba gear... [WWD]
  • Bag designer Anya Hindmarch caused quite a stir with her …
  • » 6/21/07 10:22am 6/21/07 10:22am

If You Feel The Tag Rubbing Against Your Breasts, You've Got The Damn…

  • Oh, Britney, Britney, Britney. Front, back. Front, back. We know: It's complicated! []
  • Sweet revenge! Jennifer Lopez's former assistant has been hired away from her by her husband Marc Anthony's ex-wife, Dayanara Torres. Secrets revealed, copious tears to come. [Radar]
  • President Bush's watch has gone missing…
  • » 6/12/07 6:49pm 6/12/07 6:49pm

Jennifer Aniston Proves Wit And Charm Don't Matter In A Man: It's All…

  • Jennifer Aniston just says no to that more rotund Vince Vaughn and picks herself up a male model named Paul Sculfor (who we show you almost-nudie, to the left) to date instead. []
  • A new development in stem cell research allows for cells to be removed without the destruction of human embryos. We assume…
  • » 6/06/07 7:35pm 6/06/07 7:35pm