Hamilton Pulls $27 Million in Broadway Sales Before It Even Opens

Hamilton, the hit play that gives American history a hip-hop twist, is slaughtering the game—the show, which will open on Broadway soon, pulled in $27.6 million in pre-sale tickets and it hasn’t even begun yet. Already, the going resale value on existing tickets is already hitting $355.… »7/15/15 5:40pm7/15/15 5:40pm


Neil Patrick Harris's Tony Awards Opening Number Was Amazing

In his opening number at the Tony Awards last night, Neil Patrick Harris sang at a lightning-quick clip, danced in a slim-fitting tuxedo, did some physical comedy with Mike Tyson and LITERALLY jumped through a hoop. It was a dazzling, hyperkinetic, hilarious spectacle, and as one YouTube commenter states, "NPH… »6/10/13 10:25am6/10/13 10:25am

Stars Fail To Shine At The 62nd Annual Tony Awards; Theatre Geeks Weep

Ah, the Tonys. When the hearts of a million high-schoolers in Cats T-shirts go pitter-pat. The Broadway community owes it to these kids to really bring it one night a year, and I gotta say… The Miss Saigon lover in me was disappointed. I wanted more glitz, more tack, more joie - what we got was a lot of tasteful… »6/16/08 10:30am6/16/08 10:30am