This Holiday Season, May We All Exude the Warm and Happy Vibes of Adele

I have been blogging long enough to recognize the dangers of lionizing a celebrity for their friendly-seeming public persona. The rise and fall of Jennifer Lawrence, the rise and fall and rise and fall again of Taylor Swift—all lessons in the way we put too much pressure on a person to live up to our expectations and… »Tuesday 11:20am11/24/15 11:20am


Watch Jimmy Fallon's Breathless Recap of the Insane SNL 40 After Party

On Monday, Jimmy Fallon sat down at his Tonight Show desk and delivered a breathless recap of Sunday's SNL 40 festivities. You've never heard so many names dropped in a single nine-minute interval, but it's entertaining nonetheless. Sample line: "Dave Chappelle goes, 'Come here for a second.' And he goes: 'Dude,… »2/17/15 11:30am2/17/15 11:30am

Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon Go Head-to-Head in 'Box of Lies'

Once again, Jimmy Fallon has enlisted a celeb in a rousing game of Box of Lies. This time, his guest was the very hunky Channing Tatum, whose poker face (much like his regular face) is quite pleasant to gaze upon. Watch him lie to Fallon about a jello mold the color of swamp water containing a Chewbacca figurine,… »11/13/14 9:30am11/13/14 9:30am

Watch Jimmy Fallon, Jeff Daniels, Nick Jonas AND Usher Play Pyramid

Yesterday on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, Jeff Daniels, Nick Jonas and Usher played a rousing game of Pyramid. Watch as Daniels attempts to twerk and Jonas shows zero sign of familiarity with Scarface, Goodfellas, The Usual Suspects, OR The Godfather. They must literally keep Disney stars in gilded cages in Anaheim… »11/11/14 9:30am11/11/14 9:30am