Shade Court: Misguided Magazines, Kylie Jenner and the New York Times

Tom Hanks Continues His Streak of Charming Anecdotes 

In today's Tweet Beat, on the heels of that adorable girl scout cookies story, Tom Hanks is at it again, Tyra Banks woke up like dis, and Olivia Wilde gives a reality check. » 3/13/15 7:30pm 3/13/15 7:30pm

Very Charming Human Tom Hanks Helps Girl Scouts Sell Cookies

Just like the rest of us, celebrities can't walk past a table of Girl Scouts without buying several boxes. That includes Tom Hanks, who (when recognized) stuck for pictures and told some passersby they could have a photograph... if they bought some cookies. » 3/13/15 12:50pm 3/13/15 12:50pm

Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber Star in Carly Rae Jepsen's New Music Video

Carly Rae Jepsen released the music video for her new single, I Really Like You late last night. The upbeat, purely pop song is about as catchy as her hit single Call Me Maybe, and the new video, starring Tom Hanks, is about as equally upbeat. Hanks lip syncs throughout most of the video. At some point he and Jepsen… » 3/07/15 11:40am 3/07/15 11:40am

Carly Rae Jepsen's New Song Will Be Stuck In Your Head for All of 2015

"Call Me Maybe" singer Carly Rae Jepsen would really, really like you to listen to her new single "I Really Like You." This sugary pop cut is just begging for a chick flick movie montage placement as some wide-eyed girl flounces down an immaculately slicked down version of Manhattan's East Village. » 3/02/15 9:32am 3/02/15 9:32am

Haters Gonna Hate: An Interview with Fresh Off the Boat's Constance Wu

Constance Wu is living the dream of every up and coming actor—landing the lead on a hit sitcom on a major network with a rapt audience. But Wu's role as Jessica Huang, Taiwanese mom of three boys on Fresh Off the Boat, is more than just a sweet gig—it's historical, as FOTB is only the second Asian American-centric… » 2/20/15 11:10am 2/20/15 11:10am

The singer behind the most indecisively forward pop song ever, Carly Rae Jepsen was spotted filming the music video for her next single, "I Really Like You." This is the obvious next step up from possibly calling a guy. » 2/18/15 3:00pm 2/18/15 3:00pm

This Week In Tabloids: Bruce Jenner Is Like, 'Call Me Belinda!'

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we hunch over a boiling cauldron, tirelessly stirring a thick, frothing stew of Kardashian sweat and Ansel Elgort's baby teeth on an endless loop until brunch, finally, is served. "I just want a bite!" we lie. This week: Kris Jenner is determined to make money off Bruce's transition;… » 2/04/15 5:35pm 2/04/15 5:35pm

Those Rape Allegations Are Really Ruining Bill Cosby's Cachet

The rape allegations relentlessly surfacing against Bill Cosby like Cheerios in milk aren't just ruining his television career, but also his marketing opportunities: Dude has officially dropped from #3 most trusted celebrity, in the upper echelon with Tom Hanks and Betty White, to a lowly #2,615. » 11/25/14 5:30pm 11/25/14 5:30pm

Manhattanites Demand Shutdown of Cafe That Attracts 'Internet People'

The old folks of New York City’s Upper West Side are beyond pissed that people who met using online dating services — one concerned neighbor is calling them "internet people" — are ruining their neighborhood. Wasn't You've Got Mail shot on the Upper West Side? » 10/03/14 11:00am 10/03/14 11:00am

Tom Hanks Has Mastered the Selfie

In today's Tweet Beat, Tom Hanks plays the role of everyone's favorite uncle, Scary Spice has the Throwback Thursday photo of my dreams and the cast of Scandal has lunch handled » 8/14/14 7:30pm 8/14/14 7:30pm

Rita Wilson Uses Jay Z Lyrics to Describe Some Dapper Gentlemen

In Today's Tweet Beat, Elizabeth Hurley squashes any hope of a reunion with Hugh Grant, Flea asks a question he knows the answer to and celebs get over their Golden Globes hangovers. » 1/13/14 7:35pm 1/13/14 7:35pm

Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Playing Allen Ginsberg in Gay Sex Scene

Look. I'm sorry, okay? I'm really, really sorry. Sometimes it's just there, you know, and it would actually take more effort to not say it? So it's really not MY FAULT that in regards to a gay sex scene in his upcoming film Kill Your Darlings Daniel Radcliffe went ahead and said that he "stretched himself." AS AN… » 9/30/13 8:00pm 9/30/13 8:00pm

Miss New York Accused Of Calling Outgoing Miss America 'Fat As Fuck'

Two days before the 2013 Miss America pageant, Miss New York Nina Dalvuluri —the self-proclaimed Miss Diversity — was allegedly caught on tape calling outgoing Miss America Mallory Hagan "fat as fuck."* Keep it classy, ladies. » 9/13/13 9:00am 9/13/13 9:00am

Allison Williams Speaking at Yale in Impossible-To-Get-Into Event

Lest we forget that actress, newsman progeny and occasional BCBG shopper Allison Williams exists while Girls is between seasons, she and her boyfriend College Humor founder Ricky Van Veen are giving an "intimate" talk at Yale — Williams was Class of '10 — about "TV, film, and the Internet." Perhaps misleadingly, it's… » 7/17/13 9:00am 7/17/13 9:00am

Trailer for Saving Mr. Banks, the Making-of-Mary Poppins Movie Is Here

We've got Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as Mary Poppins creator P.L. Travers in a film from The Blind Side director, John Lee Hancock — is it Oscar season yet? Well, maybe not, but the movie comes out in December, so there's plenty of time to shove it down everyone's throat with a spoon full of sugar. » 7/12/13 9:30am 7/12/13 9:30am

Kate Moss's Nipples To Celebrate Playboy's 60th Anniversary

While it is hardly the first time Kate Moss's tater tots come out and say 'sup y'all, her hairstylist leaked that he just wrapped Moss's nude shoot for the January issue of Playboy next year — the same month as her 40th birthday. It's also Playboy's 60th anniversary. » 6/17/13 9:00am 6/17/13 9:00am

Sunday Sign-Off: Tom Hanks or Tony Hanks?

Tom Hanks isn't nominated for a role in a musical (I think this clip pretty much proves that), but if he wins a Tony tonight for his role in Lucky Guy, he'll probably do a mostly lyric-less rendition of his favorite song from 2009: "Single Ladies." Enjoy the charm. » 6/09/13 6:30pm 6/09/13 6:30pm

Even Tom Hanks Cannot Explain How He Turned Into Wario

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 23: Actor Tom Hanks attends Tom Hanks' caricature unveiling at Sardi's on May 23, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images) » 5/23/13 9:45pm 5/23/13 9:45pm

Why You Should Never, Ever Trust Tom Hanks Under Any Circumstance

In a stirring coup for people who want to hate the president but don't want to actually think about any stuff ever, the venerable Reader's Digest did a poll (BINDING) and discovered that Tom Hanks—not Barack Obama, like you totally thought!!!—is the #1 most trusted man in America. Where did the stupid president come… » 5/09/13 4:40pm 5/09/13 4:40pm