Not to Alarm You, But Sarah Palin is Running for President of Television

Her popularity plummeting, repeated political head fakes losing their traction, and thickly framed glasses returning to fashion with a vengeance, it may seem to the casual observer that Sarah Palin's star is fading, that it's only a matter of time before her flirtation with power becomes a horrible, distant memory.… »6/19/12 5:20pm6/19/12 5:20pm


Todd Palin Says Joe McGinniss' Book Contains "Disgusting Lies"

The reports from Joe McGinniss's upcoming book about Sarah Palin have such a ripped-from-the-National Enquirer quality that if she'd made some comment about refusing to dignify the allegations with a response, the news that she hooked up with a black dude and did cocaine would have blown over fairly quickly. However,… »9/15/11 11:49pm9/15/11 11:49pm