Poll: Whose Fault Is It that Ben Carson is Pulling Ahead of Donald Trump in the Polls? 

Neurosurgeon and man who’s so soft-spoken you almost don’t notice everything he says is bonkers Ben Carson is tip-toeing ahead of Donald Trump in at least one national poll. It’s the first time this election cycle anyone other than Trump has been in the lead on the Republican side. Who’s to blame for this? »10/27/15 11:01am10/27/15 11:01am

Impoverished Urchin Donald Trump Once Accepted a 'Small Loan of a Million Dollars' From His Daddy

Donald Trump did a live town hall Monday morning with Matt Lauer on the Today Show. We got to hear his own hard luck story, as a small-time real estate developer with virtually no one to lean on except a dad who had a $1 million laying around. It was moving. »10/26/15 11:10am10/26/15 11:10am

Johnny Depp No Longer Has Any Idea What His Actual Accent Sounds Like

Johnny Depp is from Kentucky, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from this interview the actor gave The Today Show. Depp and Joel Edgerton, who both star in Black Mass (opening today) spoke to Natalie Morales about the movie and while Edgerton breezed through the interview with no problems, Depp went a little… »9/18/15 1:40pm9/18/15 1:40pm

Hungry? If You'd Like, Liza Minnelli Will Have Lunch With You

This morning on Today, Kathie Lee Gifford told the kind of cute little story that’s perfect for a Friday. One day, Gifford said, in the before time when smartphones didn’t exist, she was waiting to meet her least punctual friend for lunch at “one of the best restaurants in New York.” After sitting alone for some time,… »7/17/15 12:50pm7/17/15 12:50pm

Watch Rand Paul Explain Interviews to Savannah Guthrie, Mid-Interview

Does Rand Paul want to be president, or does he want to teach classes on how to interview? I’m starting to wonder after this morning’s appearance on The Today Show, in which he seemed more concerned with lecturing Savannah Guthrie about “editorializing” than answering questions about his record on foreign policy. »4/08/15 10:50am4/08/15 10:50am

Here's Your First Behind-the-Scenes Look at Pitch Perfect 2

If you can't wait until May to get your fix of Pitch Perfect 2, this segment from the Today Show should help to tide you over for a little while. Third Hour co-anchor Natalie Morales visited the set of the sequel and — while she learned few details about the plot — she did get to joke around with Rebel Wilson,… »7/07/14 3:20pm7/07/14 3:20pm

Hornball Carson Daly Wants to Know If Pippa Middleton Has a Boyfriend

The Today Show finally aired the first part of their much hyped Pippa Middleton interview, revealing some very exciting, need-to-know facts about Kate Middleton's younger sister, like how she's self-described as "normal," how she thought the royal wedding was going to be "normal" and how her relationship with Kate… »6/30/14 11:50am6/30/14 11:50am

Who Should Get the Today Correspondent Gig if Pippa Says No?

Today in snooze news, NBC is reportedly about to offer Pippa Middleton — beautiful purebred collie and sister to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge — a correspondent gig on the Today Show. The gossip comes right before her big Matt Lauer interview where she will finally answer hot button Pippa Middleton questions like What's… »6/26/14 4:15pm6/26/14 4:15pm