Poor, Horny Romantics Ready to Die Can Work at the Titanic II

Because why not, some gadzillionaire has invested in the Titanic II, an exact replica of that one crazy cruise ship that was so full of love, giant diamonds, and, uh, death, and apparently lonely boners and sad hearts are already willing to pay $1 million to be a bourgie guest at the Neue Titanic. But what if you're… »5/20/13 1:10pm5/20/13 1:10pm

They're Rebuilding the Titanic Because What Could Possibly Go Wrong

You know how the movie Titanic makes the real Titanic seem like the most fun ever? Every time, I watch it, I think to myself, "Why was I born now and not then when I could have been on that boat?" The parties? The class divisions? The multiple spoons and nudie pics? Does that all not just scream "harmless fun that we… »2/19/13 3:00pm2/19/13 3:00pm

Mythbusters Take on Titanic: Jack Didn't Have to Die

In a new episode of Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie decide to re-enact the end of Titanic. Sort of: They're not in the North Atlantic, and they're not dressed in 1912 garb. But they do figure out a way to share the board, and increase its buoyancy by tying Rose's life vest underneath. Still, as James Cameron points out:… »10/08/12 6:30pm10/08/12 6:30pm

In an Alternate Universe, Titanic's Jack Dawson Would Have Been Played by Elton from Clueless

In a recently released Titanic featurette, director James Cameron talks up the skill of the then-19-year-old Kate Winslet and reveals the young actress' original screen test. While it's fun to see a pre-Titanic Kate, the scene itself is stolen by someone else entirely — Jeremy Sisto (A.K.A. Elton from Clueless and… »9/11/12 3:50pm9/11/12 3:50pm

Myanmar Movie Audiences Will Get a Crash-Course in Pop Culture with Release of Titanic 3-D

An American movie hasn't played in Myanmar's movie theaters in so long that even the Hollywood box office tabulators can remember exactly when the last Myanmar citizens shuffled disappointed out of the last bloated studio production. All that is about to change, however, when Titanic 3-D opens Aug. 17 in the slowly… »8/13/12 10:25pm8/13/12 10:25pm

Men Too Busy Saving Their Own Asses to Let Women and Children Go First

When a gunman opened fire on an Aurora, Colorado movie theater earlier this month, three men died protecting their girlfriends, while another ran from the theater, got in his truck, and drove away, saying later that he "went to get help." The media (us included) heaped praise on the the dead men, extolling them as… »7/31/12 11:30am7/31/12 11:30am

Women and Children Not Actually 'First' on Sinking Ships

Ladies (and children): have you been sauntering through life without a care in the world, safe in the knowledge that, if you're ever trapped on a sinking ship, you'll be whisked away to safety before the menfolk? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it turns out that way more women and children die than men in maritime… »4/13/12 2:40pm4/13/12 2:40pm

Experience All the Fun of the Titanic Without Any of the Death

Have you always wanted to experience the thrill of being on the Titanic but have been afraid of drowning in an icy sea? Well, then it's too bad you didn't book a ticket aboard the ship that's retracing the Titanic's route beginning today. They're skipping the shipwreck part—or so the tour organizers have promised… »4/08/12 8:00pm4/08/12 8:00pm

I Re-Watched Titanic So You Don't Have To. You're Welcome.

I don't remember a lot of specifics about watching Titanic in theaters in 1997, but I was 15 years old, which means my two biggest concerns were 1) locating romance, and 2) not dying in a nautical catastrophe. So I think we can safely assume that I fucking loved that movie. I watched Titanic again on TV with my sister… »4/03/12 5:20pm4/03/12 5:20pm

Kate Winslet Admits the Celine Dion Song From Titanic Makes Her Sick

Titanic 3D is about to hit theaters, and its re-release is forcing Kate Winslet to come face-to-face with something she is constantly trying to avoid: "My Heart Will Go On," the movie's aggressively swoopy theme song by Celine Dion. It's been 15 years since the movie came out, so it's understandable that Kate's over… »3/30/12 8:00pm3/30/12 8:00pm

Cruise Recreating The Titanic's Disastrous Voyage Is A Terrible Idea

Today in extreme and questionable geekery: a British company has almost sold out the 2,000 available tickets for two cruises that promise to recreate the Titanic's ill-fated maiden voyage on the 100th anniversary of the disaster next year. Floating piece of door and Leonardo DiCapriosicle not included. »12/28/11 7:00pm12/28/11 7:00pm