Lena Dunham's Girls and the Rise of the Female Slacker

I can't even bring myself to be annoyed by Lena Dunham's current indie-princess oversaturation because Tiny Furniture was just so damn good. There's not much to say about Dunham's Girls that wasn't already covered over here, because my two main feelings are "Yay!" and "PLEEEEEEASE tell me that Brian Williams, David… » 3/27/12 5:20pm 3/27/12 5:20pm

Judd Apatow Defends His Record On Female Characters

Last night, I happened to cross paths with Judd Apatow, and couldn't help but ask about the ladies — particularly since he's executive-producing a female-centric pilot for HBO. Basically, he thinks the criticisms were cooked up by the Internet. » 11/10/10 3:11pm 11/10/10 3:11pm

Judd Apatow Is Finally Feeling The Ladies

We've already given HBO credit for heavily recruiting female talent after a season of bromance. Now we're happy to hear that the bromance king himself, Judd Apatow, is teaming up with a rising star, Lena Dunham, for an HBO pilot. » 9/08/10 12:55pm 9/08/10 12:55pm