The Final Two Tributes From District Lil' Fancy Will Now Fight to the…

Human Barbie Sarah Burge—you know, the one who stuffed her 7-year-old kid's Christmas stocking with a liposuction voucher and gifted her with a breast implant fund for her birthday—is coming stateside with daughter Poppy with two specific goals in mind: winning Toddlers & Tiaras and competing together in pageants all… » 5/05/12 11:30am 5/05/12 11:30am

No Fools At This Fete

The theme of the 8th Annual New Yorkers For Children Spring Dinner Dance at the Mandarin Oriental was 'A Fool's Fete' — but there was nothing remotely foolish about the assembled fashions. » 4/14/11 10:45am 4/14/11 10:45am

Speaking of Old-school glam: Crystal Renn! Few could pull off this intricate shape; Karolina Kurkova does more than that.

Reese Witherspoon's Career Highlight Involves An Elephant

Dog Custody Gets Ugly

When Tiger and Elin broke up, both wanted the dogs. For stars and regular Joes alike, pet custody-battles have gotten contentious and totally ridiculous. Indeed, "animal law" is a booming new field, with pet custody cases up 23%. » 1/10/11 4:30pm 1/10/11 4:30pm

Brangelina Make Tourism Look Good

Does it matter if The Tourist is any good? It has Jolie and Depp! Ditto the NYC premiere, which also had Pitt, Connelly, Ashanti and some great cold-weather clothes. » 12/07/10 10:40am 12/07/10 10:40am

12-Year-Old Designer Is Proof Our Culture Has Gone Very, Very Wrong

Stealing Beauty At Jill Stuart

The ever-surprising Jill Stuart rolled out a Spring line straight out of a Bergman film. And while we mean that as a compliment (think Smiles of a Summer Night!) we're not sure the Kardashians and Cavalleris present agreed... » 9/11/10 4:30pm 9/11/10 4:30pm

Levi's Sizes Up Your Ass

What Was The Deal With J.Lo's Dress? And Other Uncharitable Questions…

Samsung's 9th Annual Four Seasons of Hope Gala at NYC's Cipriani Wall Street is a benefit for children and families, which is terrific, and we can see why J.Lo, McConaughey, et al were there. But...why all the Real Housewives? » 6/16/10 10:30am 6/16/10 10:30am

Stars Just Wanna Have Fun, Look Absurd At AmFAR Gala

The amFAR New York Inspiration Gala at The New York Public Library brought out many of the world's most inspirational: Cyndi Lauper, Kylie Minogue and Ricky Martin, to name a few. So, yes, the clothes were absurd: » 6/04/10 10:30am 6/04/10 10:30am

Celebs Smile At Operation Smile's New York Gala

Even those stars with really white, slippery teeth were on hand to celebrate the 2010 Operation Smile annual gala at Cipriani Wall Street. Think J.Sim, the Tinz, Nick Cannon, award-winning moddle Lydia Hearst, Mr. Jay... » 5/07/10 10:20am 5/07/10 10:20am

—Dale Mercer

to The Wall Street Journal, on her show being renamed High Society. She added, "As we all know, for better or worse, the worlds we live in are fast becoming irrelevant." [WSJ] » 4/28/10 7:40pm 4/28/10 7:40pm

Michael Lohan Says Perez Hilton Is Likely To Get AIDS

Today in Tweet Beat, Michael Lohan shoots homophobic epithets toward Perez Hilton, after Perez posted Tweets from Michael claiming Lindsay contracted HIV. (Michael says his account was hacked.) Also, Jenna Jameson comments on her situation with Tito Ortiz. » 4/27/10 8:00pm 4/27/10 8:00pm

Celebs Show You How To Be Sexy! (With Sexyface Gallery)

We have mixed feelings about these OK! Magazine "Sexy Singles Events" (this one at NYC's Juliet Supper Club.) On the one hand, they're a sartorial disaster. On the other, they're a seminar on the sexyface! » 4/21/10 10:30am 4/21/10 10:30am

Did Kim Cheat With Kanye? Did Princess Di Have An Affair With Robert…

Stars And Models Love Natural History, Boob Action

The 2010 American Museum of Natural History Dance brought out natural history-loving stars like Claire Danes, Ivanka Trump, and Emmy well as a horrible new we-hope-it's-not-a-trend in eveningwear... » 4/16/10 10:30am 4/16/10 10:30am