Royals Can Stop Pretending They Were Fine with a Girl, Says Tina Brown

Not to be outdone by CNN's totally misunderstood royalty expert correspondent — THIS IS HER CHRISTMAS, Y'ALL! — British science and magazine-ruining expert Tina Brown weighed in on the birth of the royal baby yesterday by praising Kate Middleton on her expert son-producing loins. "Now the royals can stop pretending they … » 7/23/13 10:00am 7/23/13 10:00am

Jon Stewart Shames Newsweek For Their Crazy-Eyed Bachmann Cover

On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart laid into Newsweek's Editor-In-Chief Tina Brown for their recent cover of Bachmann looking like she was a deer in headlights (Brown, of course, defended the image). You see, Stewart believes that Michele Bachmann is a many number of things, but she is absolutely photogenic,… » 8/10/11 2:05pm 8/10/11 2:05pm

Undead Princess Diana Strolls With Kate Middleton On Ridiculous

Shudder-inducing fanfic of the week: The new issue of Newsweek features a story called "Diana At 50: If She Were Here Now," by none other than Tina Brown. The digital artwork on the cover reanimates Diana so that she is walking alongside daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, who is gazing adoringly at the People's Princess and … » 6/28/11 12:50pm 6/28/11 12:50pm

Tina Brown-Style "Tide Of Trivialization" Threatens To Swamp Clinton Trip

Tina Brown continued her belittlement campaign against Hillary Clinton today, telling Morning Joe that Clinton "needs to get back in the gym." Will this "tide of trivialization," as the Times' Judith Warner calls it, keep Clinton from doing her job? » 8/13/09 9:30am 8/13/09 9:30am

What's More Important: Rape In Congo Or Hillary's Bad Hair Day?

At first the media said Hillary Clinton's visit to Africa was overshadowed by her husband's trip to North Korea. Now the work she's trying to do — including stopping rape in Congo — is overshadowed by coverage of that overshadowing. » 8/12/09 9:30am 8/12/09 9:30am

The Economy Sucks, Condi Has No Advice And Saxby Chambliss Is A Perv

  • Now that it's been a full year of shitty economic news, we are officially in a recession and have been for a year. Aren't you glad to know? [MSNBC]
  • The market is not glad to know, and it slid almost 700 points after learning the obvious. [NY Times]
  • In other obvious news, Condoleezza Rice doesn't plan to give much…
» 12/01/08 6:30pm 12/01/08 6:30pm
Uh-oh! Remember how the Daily Beast » 11/10/08 11:20am 11/10/08 11:20am ran a ? Turns out that the sketch allegedly done by Jay McCarroll was created by Jay McCarrol, with one L, a musician who was (erroneously) contacted by a writer. Even though McCarrol was not the intended target of a pitch email for the project, he went ahead and sent a dress…