Amy Pascal's Girl Power Platitudes About Women in Movies Fall Flat

In an interview with veteran magazine editor Tina Brown at a conference in San Francisco this week, fired ex-Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal talked for the first time about the impact of the Sony hacks on her career (bad). She also talked about the need for more women in movies, and, in virtually the same breath,… »2/12/15 3:45pm2/12/15 3:45pm


Tina Brown, who became editor of Tatler at the age of 25 and was the first female editor of the New

Tina Brown, who became editor of Tatler at the age of 25 and was the first female editor of the New Yorker, is being pushed out of The Daily Beast, reports BuzzFeed. Criticism for Brown's leadership has grown over the past few years, especially surrounding the Beast's brief and unsuccessful partnership with Newsweek.… »9/11/13 2:00pm9/11/13 2:00pm

Royals Can Stop Pretending They Were Fine with a Girl, Says Tina Brown

Not to be outdone by CNN's totally misunderstood royalty expert correspondent — THIS IS HER CHRISTMAS, Y'ALL! — British science and magazine-ruining expert Tina Brown weighed in on the birth of the royal baby yesterday by praising Kate Middleton on her expert son-producing loins. "Now the royals can stop pretending… »7/23/13 10:00am7/23/13 10:00am

Jon Stewart Shames Newsweek For Their Crazy-Eyed Bachmann Cover

On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart laid into Newsweek's Editor-In-Chief Tina Brown for their recent cover of Bachmann looking like she was a deer in headlights (Brown, of course, defended the image). You see, Stewart believes that Michele Bachmann is a many number of things, but she is absolutely photogenic,… »8/10/11 2:05pm8/10/11 2:05pm

Undead Princess Diana Strolls With Kate Middleton On Ridiculous Newsweek Cover

Shudder-inducing fanfic of the week: The new issue of Newsweek features a story called "Diana At 50: If She Were Here Now," by none other than Tina Brown. The digital artwork on the cover reanimates Diana so that she is walking alongside daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, who is gazing adoringly at the People's Princess… »6/28/11 12:50pm6/28/11 12:50pm