Times Square Topless Lady Says Only 'Ghetto Fat Women' Are Offended

In what’s quickly becoming a Team Nobody sort of situation, one of the topless, bodypainted women working for tips in Times Square, known as “desnudas,” told Gothamist that only “ghetto fat women” are offended by their naked forms. We were rooting for you, bare-breasted ladies. We really were. » 8/21/15 2:40pm 8/21/15 2:40pm

Disquieted By Titties, New York Considers Shutting Down Times Square Plazas

Beset by bare bosoms, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday he’s considering closing down the pedestrian plazas in Times Square. The plazas—a collection of indescribably filthy metal tables marooned in an island of asphalt—are currently a popular place for exhausted, heat-stroked tourists to sink down as… » 8/20/15 7:10pm 8/20/15 7:10pm

Andrew Cuomo Wants Nearly-Naked Topless Performers Out of Times Square

There’s a scourge of topless women plaguing Time Square. The formerly very-un-family-friendly and then very-family-friendly area of New York where tourists flock to see billboards and eat at The Olive Garden has been overrun with with bare-chested painted ladies, and neither NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio or Governor Andrew… » 8/19/15 5:40pm 8/19/15 5:40pm