Rachel McAdams has been in 3 time-travel films, but never time-traveled

Rachel McAdams was the female lead in the movies The Time Traveler's Wife and Midnight in Paris, and now she's co-starring in Richard Curtis' new movie About Time. In all three films, the dude takes off time-traveling, leaving McAdams behind. So McAdams, quite rightly, is wondering when it's her turn. »10/14/13 2:28pm10/14/13 2:28pm


Sex + Time Travel Might Not Mix. Whatever. Who Would You Risk it For?

Bad news, ladies: scientists have done some research that leads them to believe that time travel and sex don't mix well — at least not for women (patriarchy strikes again!). This means you probably shouldn't go back in time and fill your loins with the lusty seed of Julius Caesar, Pamuk from Downton Abbey, the… »7/19/13 6:00pm7/19/13 6:00pm