These $50 Tights Will Make It Look Like Glittery Wax Is Melting From…

I don't know, these might be just crazy enough to work. Or, they might be something that Hot Topic masturbated onto a goth Dickensian street urchin and then decided they hated. Like, if Les Mis was set in S.F. in the early 90s and it was produced by Urban Decay, Fantine mos def woulda sported these beasts. » 1/17/13 10:00pm 1/17/13 10:00pm

All Hail the Return of the Pantyhose

I love pantyhose. What's not to love? They add a little warmth; they even out splotchy skin; they provide a hint of support if you're into that (or a lot of support if you're into that); they keep you from sliding around in heels; and, most important, they make you look just a little more polished. I buy the cheap… » 12/26/12 11:50am 12/26/12 11:50am

Is Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ad Worth The Hype?

  • First peek at Madonna's much-hyped, possibly exorbitant Louis Vuitton ad: the Steven Meisel shot features Madge in a Parisianish bistro, striking some unladylike poses. [Just Jared]
  • Carine Roitfeld denies that she's replacing the nuclear Wintour: “I’m very happy at Vogue France.” [WWD]
  • Naomi Campbell: "“I’m getting…
» 12/04/08 11:30am 12/04/08 11:30am

Prada Spring/Summer '08 As Gloriously Mismatched As It Wants To Be

Fact: Whatever Miuccia Prada designs becomes "important." That is, a la The Devil Wears Prada's Miranda Priestley, many of us will wear whatever she conceives in some trickled-down form by the time the next season's clothes are actually on the racks. Fact: Miuccia Prada is frequently cited as a designer who designs for… » 9/25/07 4:00pm 9/25/07 4:00pm