Snap Judgment: Europe's Royals Love Tiaras and Pink 

While the British royal family prefers to wear ridiculously elaborate hats to weddings, the rest of northern Europe’s royal women prefer the good-old-fashioned tiara. Princesses and tiaras are a natural fit. Besides, there’s no better way to display wealth, power, and lineage more meaningfully than casually wearing… »6/14/15 1:30pm6/14/15 1:30pm

Obama Breaks All the Rules, Wears a Tiara With the Girl Scouts

So much for "not putting things on your head if you're president." Obama broke his own rules (but not the rules of fashion, which demand a tiara on all occasions) by putting on a Tiara to pose with the girl scouts. I don't know, I'd put on a tiara too — if they weren't already required here — for a couple of Samoas. »12/25/14 2:30pm12/25/14 2:30pm