Confessions of Thought Catalog's Biggest Troll

Editor's note: A few weeks ago, we were approached by a prolific Thought Catalog essayist who writes under the byline "Anne Gus." As it turned out, Anne is a young Swedish man whose real first name is Jakob (he wouldn't give out his last name). » 10/07/14 2:25pm 10/07/14 2:25pm

Why 53 Writers Have Asked Thought Catalog To Remove Their Work

Thought Catalog is a publishing platform that operates under the idea that "all thinking is relevant." Even disgustingly transphobic thought; even incoherent racist ramblings; even classist screeds; even dangerous pseudo-science; even pages upon pages of offensive, troll-y misogyny. » 8/19/14 11:40am 8/19/14 11:40am

Why Intervention Is Screwed Up

There once was a time in a distant land when I actually enjoyed watching Intervention. The novelty of watching people destroy their lives had not worn off yet, and seeing someone being driven to points of desperation I thought only existed in movies seemed appealing and new. » 2/23/11 4:00pm 2/23/11 4:00pm

How To Be Black

Struggle with the stereotype that black people have huge breasts, a huge ass, a huge cock, and/or huge lips. Discover non-black people only want to sleep with you because they think being black means you have something enormous to offer. » 1/18/11 3:10pm 1/18/11 3:10pm