These Jingling Holiday Man Thongs Will Melt Your Eyes into Figgy Pudding

It's one day before Christmas and all through the halls, something special is jingling...surprise, it's your balls! (Yes, that is the actual model in the photos.) » 12/24/14 8:00pm 12/24/14 8:00pm

British Dog Eats Thong, Has Surgery, Eats Another Thong

One day, great philosophers will answer one of the most challenging puzzles that has perplexed humanity for hundreds of years—why do dogs insist on eating your underwear? » 9/17/14 4:20pm 9/17/14 4:20pm

​Why Is There Poop on My Thong? An Investigation

If you are a woman who wears a thong, perhaps you have encountered a moment wherein upon removal of said thong, there is something which appears to be poop-like on the string. You know how to wipe; hygiene is a priority to you. This is no doubt poop-plexing. What is causing this scourge? And how to avoid it? » 8/07/14 1:00pm 8/07/14 1:00pm

Wisconsin's Dumb Governor May Have Fired a Doctor for Modeling Thongs

You can say a lot about Wisconsin Governor/amateur Shrek impersonator Scott Walker, but don't accuse him of inconsistency. Since becoming governor in 2011, Walker has worked tirelessly to dismantle the state of Wisconsin's legacy as one of the most worker and union friendly places in the United States by introducing… » 2/19/14 7:00pm 2/19/14 7:00pm

48 Over-the-Top Fabulous Looks From Beyoncé's 17 New Music Videos

Beyoncé followed the Netflix broadcasting model by simultaneously releasing 17 music videos for the tracks on her new, self-titled album. Marketed as a "visual album," there were a lot of costume changes. And a lot of thonged ass. » 12/13/13 5:35pm 12/13/13 5:35pm

Thongs Are Ruining Your Vagina

I thought everyone stopped wearing thongs when super low rise boot cut whisker wash jeans went out of style, circa I'm A Slave 4 U Britney Spears. I guess I was wrong! I'm totally out of touch with the youth cultures! Speaking of cultures I don't wish to touch: bacteria. » 10/16/13 4:00pm 10/16/13 4:00pm

This Thong Literally Gets Up In There and Polishes Your Pearl [NSFW]

Does your underwear just lie there, passive, doing almost nothing for you? Maybe you need a Bracli pearl thong. Unlike your vanilla cotton panties, this thing has a job, and that job is to rub you the right way. » 5/10/13 3:15pm 5/10/13 3:15pm

KMart Sells 'I ♥ Rich Boys' Thong For Little Girls

In case you missed your chance to buy your 7-year-old a crotchless thong, K-Mart in Australia offered for sale girls' thong underwear emblazoned with positive slogans like "I ♥ Rich Boys," "I ♥ Boys In Uniform," and "Call Me." » 11/22/11 4:00pm 11/22/11 4:00pm

Crotchless Thong Underwear, For The Mature 7-Year-Old

A new store in a Colorado's Greeley Mall has agreed to stop selling pairs of thong underwear after parents questioned what the panties were were doing in a place called Kids N Teen. Erin French, who recorded video of the frilly undergarments, says that while in the store with her daughter and son, "we saw crotchless… » 11/15/11 10:35am 11/15/11 10:35am

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Thongs

What do you get in a thong thesis? Victoria's Secret, pearl thongs, erogenous zones, laws, Sisqó, thong sandals, the essay "Feminism and Femininity: Or, How We Learned How To Stop Worrying And Love The Thong" by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, fundoshi, Juvenile, Ludacris, "realness," visibility, class, race,… » 9/21/11 6:10pm 9/21/11 6:10pm

An Inventory Of Ridiculous "I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant" Products

We were thinking that the maternity T-shirts that desperately attempted to validate one's gut were kind of pathetic. Until we found the other products with the "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant" sentiment emblazoned upon them—like thongs. Thongs! Seriously, how often are pregnant women in a situation where someone is… » 2/18/11 11:06am 2/18/11 11:06am

Important News For Thong Enthusiasts

I was bummed to miss the mall today (no I wasn't) but this is SO much better: RueLaLa is having a Hanky Panky sale! I've spent $70 and counting. (The WSJ approves!) Aren't these fun? [RueLaLa] » 11/26/10 11:45am 11/26/10 11:45am

Thong Bike-Seat Covers. Yes.

Insert some joke about how mom always said to wear clean underwear in case of an accident... These seat covers were a promotion by an Amsterdam lingerie store; they should stay clean for at least one commando ride. » 10/12/10 6:17pm 10/12/10 6:17pm


We can't begin to fathom why anyone would want to purchase this article of clothing. More importantly, we have no way of knowing what this American Apparel model is googling, but let's just hope it's "pants." [CopyRanter] » 4/29/10 10:20am 4/29/10 10:20am

Crowd Taunts Roethlisberger At NFL Draft • Girl Forced To Leave School…

• The crowd at last night's NFL draft had some interesting words for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. When Roger Goodell stepped up to announce their pick, he was met with chants of "she said no!" » 4/23/10 5:20pm 4/23/10 5:20pm

Panty Raid

Police have arrested a 19-year-old student in Michigan for stealing 79 thongs from his dorm laundry room after a fellow student caught him red handed. The creepy culprit claims it was only a prank and "denies any sex addiction." [NYDN] » 4/19/10 10:20am 4/19/10 10:20am

Cosmo: Rules (And Balls) Are Made To Be Broken

Have you and your man ever enjoyed a vegetarian meal or shopped together? According to Cosmo, you might as well cut off his balls. The only way to save your relationship: Dunk his testicles in sparkling water. » 1/18/10 3:40pm 1/18/10 3:40pm

February Cosmo: "The Thong Is Dead!"

Cosmopolitan, the magazine which suggested you put a scrunchie on your man's dick, has declared that thongs are out and boyshorts are in. Seems like old news, but the question is: What will readers use for ponytail holders now? » 1/14/10 10:20am 1/14/10 10:20am