Wisconsin's Dumb Governor May Have Fired a Doctor for Modeling Thongs

You can say a lot about Wisconsin Governor/amateur Shrek impersonator Scott Walker, but don't accuse him of inconsistency. Since becoming governor in 2011, Walker has worked tirelessly to dismantle the state of Wisconsin's legacy as one of the most worker and union friendly places in the United States by introducing… »2/19/14 7:00pm2/19/14 7:00pm

Crotchless Thong Underwear, For The Mature 7-Year-Old

A new store in a Colorado's Greeley Mall has agreed to stop selling pairs of thong underwear after parents questioned what the panties were were doing in a place called Kids N Teen. Erin French, who recorded video of the frilly undergarments, says that while in the store with her daughter and son, "we saw crotchless… »11/15/11 10:35am11/15/11 10:35am

An Inventory Of Ridiculous "I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant" Products

We were thinking that the maternity T-shirts that desperately attempted to validate one's gut were kind of pathetic. Until we found the other products with the "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant" sentiment emblazoned upon them—like thongs. Thongs! Seriously, how often are pregnant women in a situation where someone is… »2/18/11 11:06am2/18/11 11:06am