Apologies to Macrida Patterson, V-String Victim

Yesterday, we wrote about Macrida Patterson, who sustained an eye injury from a bit of metal flying off her thong. After viewing the current selection of v-strings by Victoria's Secret, we determined that it had to have been a truly horrific bedazzled thong with matching veil. Macrida — who, by the way, is by no means… »6/19/08 1:30pm6/19/08 1:30pm

Mock A Woman For Her Crimes Against Fashion, Not Her Age or Her Ass

Yesterday, our sister site Consumerist published an article about a lawsuit filed against Victoria's Secret by Macrida Patterson, 52, of Los Angeles. The suit alleges that while Ms. Patterson was attempting to try on a v-string from the "Sexy Little Thing" line, a decorative piece flew off and hit her in the eye… »6/18/08 12:30pm6/18/08 12:30pm