Thomas Jane & Patricia Arquette Call It Quits

Schwartzman's Stache, Cera's Pants And Other Puzzling Looks From The …

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which premiered at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, is about Michael Cera battling his lady's evil exes. But while there was some dubious fashion on display, nothing was as alarming as our hero's lower half: » 7/28/10 10:19am 7/28/10 10:19am

Pacific Overtures: HBO Brings It Again

The Pacific, HBO's, well, Pacific-set answer to Band of Brothers, is a ten-part World War II miniseries. In other words, a Television Event. With a Mann's Chinese Theater premiere to match: » 2/25/10 10:30am 2/25/10 10:30am

HBO's Hung Is An Examination Of Personal Failure

This week's Hung reminded me that I've been wanting to write about the show. HBO's new offering follows the story of Ray - a down-on-his-luck, former athlete-turned-coach on a losing streak in life. But he still has a giant dick. » 8/18/09 7:30pm 8/18/09 7:30pm

Gay Marriage: Brad Pitt Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Pete Pops The Question & Ashlee Says Yes