Thelma and Louise Is Even More Awesome Than I Remembered

Thelma and Louise: The ultimate road movie, feminist revenge flick, 128 minutes of vicious male-bashing, the one where Brad Pitt is stoopid sexy, a punk-rock Western — however you think of this iconic 1991 film from Oscar-winner Callie Khouri and director Ridley Scott starring Geena Davis as the fun-loving Thelma, and… »1/13/14 2:20pm1/13/14 2:20pm

Have Women Advanced Since 'Thelma & Louise'? It's The Next Great Political Debate!

It was kind of a headscratcher when Susan Collins, a GOP senator, and Jane Harman, a Democratic representative, co-hosted a screening of Thelma & Louise earlier this week as a way of celebrating their unlikely but heartwarming bipartisan friendship. An even bigger headscratcher? That New York Times blogger Judith… »9/21/07 5:55pm9/21/07 5:55pm