This 'Artist' Could Be Selling Your Instagram Pics For $90K Right Now

In an age where putting every photo ever taken of yourself online is the norm, it’s not surprising that someone calling themselves an “artist” has finally found a way to capitalize on all those beautiful filtered shots you post online. Meet Richard Prince, a man who’s here to steal and sell your Instagram photos. »5/22/15 5:00pm5/22/15 5:00pm

Arkansas Woman Steals $144 of Eye Makeup, Wears It All At Same Time

Brandy Allen is in a whole heap of trouble after ransacking her local Ulta (the finest place to purchase discounted toiletries) and attempting to get away with over $100 worth of eye shadow. Eye witnesses state that she wasn't even looking at prices or colors! How you gonna steal autumn colors when you're clearly a … »9/03/14 6:45pm9/03/14 6:45pm

Woman Arrested for Not Returning J.Lo VHS for 9 Years

A South Carolina woman was arrested on Thursday for the most egregious crime known to man: keeping a home video of Monster In Law nine years after it was due back at the video store. Kayla Michelle Finley was taken into custody when she attempted to report a crime at the local police station and learned that she had… »2/15/14 12:45pm2/15/14 12:45pm

Monster/Genius Charged with Stealing Nearly $20K Worth of Girl Scout Cookies

Thirty-seven-year-old South Carolina man Christopher Maurice Morton has been charged with stealing nearly $19 thousand worth of Girl Scout cookies from a warehouse in Spartanburg. The theft was noticed on February 26th when workers at the Carey Moving and Storage company did inventory and discovered that over 50 cases… »3/07/13 10:25am3/07/13 10:25am

Nurses’ Assistant Purloins Wedding Rings, Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Things tend to disappear in Roanoke, which probably makes the community's legal apparatus all the more sensitive to instances of theft. A former nurses' assistant has been sentenced to five years in prison after she was found guilty on Tuesday of stealing four wedding bands from patients she helped care for at the… »9/26/12 10:00am9/26/12 10:00am

The Best Way to Steal Prawns From Costco Is Not to Shove Them Up Your Skirt

Stealing something by stuffing it up your skirt is an age-old criminal trick, but for some reason a woman in Staten Island recently decided to employ it to steal a bunch of prawns from Costco, which just seems nasty. After all, who wants to eat a prawn that's been between your legs? Apparently Krystal Douglas, 26, and… »6/15/12 9:30am6/15/12 9:30am

Teen Girl Forced to Stand on Busy Corner Holding an 'I Steal From My Family' Sign

Kids usually don't think before they steal, but you can bet 13-year-old Natia Wade never thought she'd end up standing on the corner of a busy intersection holding up a hand-written sign that read, "I steal from my family." Wade, who lives in Memphis, ended up there after she racked up a record of taking things—mostly… »2/15/12 10:30pm2/15/12 10:30pm