Yes, There Are Bad Seasons of The Wire (Relatively Speaking)

HBO has digitally remastered The Wire and is re-airing it in marathon format as of midnight Thursday, December 26. The Wire, if you recall, was one of the first entries in the so-called "television renaissance"—that crucial moment in American history when HBO brought complex, intricately crafted, film-quality… »12/26/14 4:50pm12/26/14 4:50pm

Is Madonna a Saintly Third-World School Builder or a Nefarious Self-Aggrandizing Lie-Monger?

She's the latter, according to Malawi's Education Minister Eunice Kazembe. Kazembe says that Madonna claims she built ten schools for the children of Malawi, when the actual number of schools built by Madonna was zero schools. I don't completely understand why our gal Madge—who is clearly dedicated to philanthropy… »1/18/13 8:00pm1/18/13 8:00pm

Art Imitates Life: The Wire Actress Was Scandalized By Sex Scenes With Dominic West

In this excellent oral history of HBO's beloved seriesThe Wire, which premiered ten years ago this month, actress Deirdre Lovejoy, who played lawyer Rhonda Perlman, a high-ranking narcotics division attorney who slept with Detective Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West) a bunch, looked back fondly at the pair's first sex scene: »6/02/12 5:30pm6/02/12 5:30pm

Following Snoop's Arrest, Creator Of The Wire Discusses "Other America"

In a meta turn of events, Felicia Pearson, who played the hitwoman Snoop on The Wire was arrested today on drug charges. While Pearson's journey from a murder conviction at 14 to starring in what's often described as the greatest American television series was often painted as a happy ending, the charges reinforce the… »3/10/11 11:11pm3/10/11 11:11pm