Hillary Clinton Makes It Official And Announces Run For Presidency

Since this morning, we’ve had our eyes on Hillary Clinton’s social media channels, waiting for the official announcement of her second run for presidency. Instead of booming fanfare in the form of a tweet or an Instagram of The Rock making the statement (my fantasy which will sadly never happen because he’s a… »4/12/15 3:55pm4/12/15 3:55pm

First Dog Bo Is Baffled By Giant Effigy of Himself in Best Holiday Video of Our Time

This video is so crazy and I love everything about it. I'm really hoping that Sasha and Malia made it with some school friends, because tha's the only logical explanation for something so magical. It's clear Bo doesn't know what to make of the insanity either — check out how confused he is when he's staring up at… »11/29/12 11:45pm11/29/12 11:45pm

The Presidential Christmas Card, Starring The Bush Family & Their Bitches

Your tax dollars are hard at work with "Barney Cam IV: Holiday in the National Parks," the White House video Christmas card, which tells the story of how the Bush family dogs — Barney and Miss Beazley — would like to become park rangers. It opens with George W. saying to Barney, "Did you know that the White House… »12/12/07 7:00pm12/12/07 7:00pm