This Week We Wondered If Tina Fey Reached The Tipping Point

This Week We Discovered Shoving Garlic Up Our Hoohas Was Srsly "Uncool"

  • Picture it: the Jezebel nursing home, the year 2068. We'll turn on our headchips to watch the disembodied skull of Oprah host her show, and Jennifer Aniston, having been cryogenically frozen, will have been unfrozen just to make an appearance. Oprah will still ask Jen how she feels about Angelina Jolie and Jen will…
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We Just Want The Next President To Come On Down Already

This Week We Crashed At The Intersection Of Fashion And Politics

This Week We Paid Our Respects To An American (Doll) Icon

This Week We Discovered You Can't Spell Palin Without PAIN

  • We've gotten a lot of emails this week whining about the excess of Palin coverage. But you know what Palin hates more than anything — whiners! If you whine, the terrorists win…Or something. Anyway, check out what Judge Judy thinks about Sarah Palin.
  • Also check out what American Wife author Curtis Sittenfeld thinks…
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This Week We Were Rage-O-Holics And Our Drug Of Choice Was Palin

This Week We Talked About Booties, Olympian And Otherwise

This Week Gloria F*cking Steinem Pwned Manic Pixie Dream Girls

This Week We Were Not Afraid To Go There Or Say Goodbye