Unwitting Children Indoctrinated Into Cult Of Pink Floyd

[Philadelphia, November 8: Stoners-in-training accompany Roger Waters as he performs "The Wall" in its entirety. It's the 30th anniversary of the recording; laser-light show aficionados everywhere celebrate. Image via Getty.] » 11/09/10 9:57am 11/09/10 9:57am

Britney Spears: Comfortably Numb?

Now that she's shaved her head, shaved her legs, and waxed her pubes, what's next for Britney Spears? If reports that she went bald to avoid having her hair drug-tested are true, she's got to do something about those eyebrows before some salon aesthetician sells her out to the Los Angeles child-welfare authorities. » 2/21/07 11:36am 2/21/07 11:36am