The Walking Dead: A Requiem for [Latest Dead Character]

The Walking Dead has rarely had mercy on its most lovable characters. Never would a great storyline be sacrificed for the sake of sympathy. It’s an admirable yet gut-wrenching aspect of the show. And so it goes that in Sunday night’s episode, “Thank You,” my third-favorite person was (presumably) killed off in the… »10/26/15 10:10am10/26/15 10:10am

Surviving The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere: Was It a Good Plan?

The Walking Dead has returned and there’s a major operation underway to extinguish a mega-herd of walkers that threatens the quaint community of Alexandria. As expected, things don’t go as smoothly as planned because plans—especially during a zombie apocalypse—almost always get derailed. »10/12/15 11:10am10/12/15 11:10am

Walking Dead Is an Existentialist Nightmare, and Suddenly a Great Show

The last four episodes of The Walking Dead have been the best since the series' inception. For too many episodes to count, fans were subjected to shoddy dialogue and shallow character development—even the dramatic twists, like the Governor's aquarium of heads or the Terminus cannibals, seemed like thin, broadstroke… »3/02/15 4:30pm3/02/15 4:30pm

​Don't Trust the New Guy: Surviving The Walking Dead, Ep. 11

The Walking Dead introduced a new character in Sunday night's episode, so you know what that means—yet another person to shower with love, warmth and good cheer. Welcome to the crazy dysfunctional family. Right, Rick? How will you greet him? "I'll put a knife in the base of your skull." Cool, cool. »2/23/15 3:10pm2/23/15 3:10pm

​Shut Up or Die: Surviving The Walking Dead's Insane Mid-Season Finale

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead either had you sobbing like Daryl or weirdly apathetic like me. While the main casualty in last night's episode, "Coda," wasn't entirely unexpected, it was no less tragic. Of course, part of the anxiety in watching a series that's so focused on certain-death is the dread that… »12/01/14 9:50am12/01/14 9:50am