NeNe Leakes Hates the Mean Girls of The View

On Tuesday, NeNe Leakes, former housewife and star of stage and screen, stopped by The View to promote her stint as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago (the role all celebrities play just to remind us they’re here, if you’re not familiar). Unfortunately for her, things went down in flames. Fortunately for us, we get to see… »11/18/15 4:10pm11/18/15 4:10pm


Former View Producer Sues Rosie O'Donnell for Being a 'Bully,' Getting Her Fired

Earlier this year, it was reported that producer Jennifer Shepard-Brookman had been fired from The View for shouting at then-host Rosie O’Donnell during a meeting. Shepard-Brookman has now sued O’Donnell, alleging that O’Donnell is a “bully” who made her feel like she was going to be “assaulted,” before unjustly… »10/16/15 11:10am10/16/15 11:10am

Candace Cameron Bure Says People Being Mean to Her On Twitter Is Basically the Same as Rape

On Wednesday, the panelists of The View discussed Lena Dunham’s decision to quit Twitter due to the abusive nature of social media users. While several panelists—including Raven Symone—agreed that people on Twitter are generally mean and should be more respectful, Candace Cameron Bure took it a step further. The… »10/02/15 3:45pm10/02/15 3:45pm

The View Loses Three More Advertisers After Mocking Nurses 

The View has taught the American media a very valuable lesson: don’t mess with nurses. Last week Joy Behar angered nearly every member of the profession when she wondered why Miss America contestant and nurse Kelley Johnson was wearing “a doctor’s stethoscope,” and mocked the pageant contestant with co-host Michelle… »9/20/15 2:30pm9/20/15 2:30pm