Republican Worried that Care Bears Are Turning Children Into Witches

One of the biggest bummers of all the Republican rape talk this election cycle is that it's distracted from Republican witch talk, which is much less rage inducing and much more hilarious. At the end of a stressful day, I like to unwind by watching old Christine O'Donnell videos where she talks about Satan, and now,… »11/05/12 3:10pm11/05/12 3:10pm

"It's Real, And It's Happening": The God-Awful Smurfs Trailer

Neil Patrick Harris is lovable, Glee's Jayma Mays is adorable, but it's really hard to get behind the Smurfs movie. This new trailer has 3D toilet bowl sight-gags for kids and, um, a sexualized Smurfette for adults. Hank Azaria is actually a pretty good Gargamel, but Alan Cumming as Gutsy Smurf?!? Who the hell is… »3/11/11 1:30pm3/11/11 1:30pm