Couple Surrenders To The Sweltering Carnal Atmosphere of Home Depot

As the timeless Southern poet Barry Hannah once implored, "Who among us has not fucked in Home Depot?" There's just such an ambiance. Empty window frame displays hung on a 90 degree angle that you can open and close? In a depressing strip mall between a PetCo and a Michaels Arts & Crafts? As a middle-aged guy harangues a… » 8/31/13 1:30pm 8/31/13 1:30pm

Drug-Using Kids Say The Darndest Things

By a colossal margin, "racism" is winning our poll of top reason to continue hating Paris Hilton even after her valiant attempt to convey how very much she has changed on tonight's Larry King (which we are still, much to our immense joy, liveblogging at 9pm EST). To further whet your hate-petite, we (thanks to The… » 6/27/07 2:54pm 6/27/07 2:54pm