Our Lack of Housewifery Has Turned Us All Into a Bunch of Fat Slobs

Admit it. There are times when you look back on the housewives of the fifties and sixties and get a little jealous. Sure, they didn't have a lot of options, relied on their husbands for everything and were stuck in a world of even stronger institutionalized sexism than there is today, but have you seen their waists? … »2/27/13 4:50pm2/27/13 4:50pm


Women Spend Less Than Half as Much Time Cleaning Now as They Did 50 Years Ago

Have you thanked your vacuum cleaner yet today? (Don't. It's an inanimate object and its lack of response will leave you feeling nothing but rejected. P.S. I think my dishwasher is mad at me.) Perhaps you should (but, really, don't) because it's largely in part to the vacuum cleaner and other household appliances that… »12/05/12 12:00pm12/05/12 12:00pm