Lil Bub Totally Sucks At Comedy

Recently, internet cat sensation Lil Bub made his comedy debut on the hallowed stage of Chicago's Second City, a legendary comedy theater that has served as proving ground to countless future giants of comedy. I'm sorry to inform but Lil Bub is not among them. Turns out, Lil Bub fucking sucks at improv. » 12/26/13 9:00pm 12/26/13 9:00pm

All-Woman Panel Has Some Great Ideas About Men's Sexual Health

Last week, Congressional Republicans assembled an all-male panel of experts to testify about why women's employers should be able to determine what kind of health care their insurance company can provide for them. Now, six comediennes have assembled to determine once and for all what men should do with their… » 2/21/12 2:40pm 2/21/12 2:40pm