The Real World Has Actually Gotten Really Real in Meta Moment

On last night's episode of The Real World, two cast members went into the ladies room of a noisy nightclub so they could privately talk shit on their roommates off camera. But then they remembered they were still wearing their microphones. One girl assured the other that she doesn't think the producers were going to… »2/06/14 12:00pm2/06/14 12:00pm

Who Did Danny Roberts Hook Up With While Filming 'The Challenge'?

Here's some Real World news that will blow the minds of people who were into that shit circa 2000/2001: Danny Roberts (the most universally-appealing gay man in the world) admitted to having an affair with a straight male cast member years ago while filming The Challenge. After the hints he dropped, it's pretty clear… »9/19/13 6:15pm9/19/13 6:15pm

Real World Contracts Stipulate That You Could Die And MTV's Not To Blame

The Village Voice obtained a copy of MTV's standard contract for The Real World, a 30-page document that essentially requires cast members to sign their lives away, quite literally—the first stipulation being the understanding that participating in this reality show could cause death, loss of limbs, or mental illness.… »8/02/11 5:10pm8/02/11 5:10pm