Real Housewives Of New York: The Bitching You Didn't See The First Time Around

Thank God for DVR. I had no idea that Bravo was airing a clip-show of unseen Real Housewives of New York footage until I noticed it in my recording schedule. What a great, boring Tuesday night surprise! Some highlights from the show include Ramona and Bethenny discussing blowjobs and their vibrators, and more footage… »5/28/08 11:00am5/28/08 11:00am

The Real Housewives Of NYC: Raising Their Children By Example

Much like the fruit that symbolizes each locale, The Real Housewives of New York City and The Real Housewives of Orange County are apples and oranges — there's really no comparison. Maybe it's that in New York society there's so much more emphasis placed on culture and education, or maybe it's just that it takes much… »3/05/08 1:00pm3/05/08 1:00pm