I Got Drunk and Saw The Other Woman By Myself

I defend my habit of watching garbage movies by telling people that part of my job is to be able to talk about pop cultural touchstones without sounding like a hack (results: mixed). But the truth is I've got a weakness for glossy Hollywood tripe and I'd probably have watched The Other Woman even if it wasn't ruling… » 4/29/14 5:20pm 4/29/14 5:20pm

Nicki Minaj Says 'Selfish People Live Longer' in The Other Woman Clip

Nicki Minaj is here to serve you married ladies a shiver down your spine in a new clip for her upcoming film, The Other Woman. The movie surrounds a successful businesswoman (Cameron Diaz) who's dating a man — until she realizes that he's married. In a twist, she befriends his wife (Leslie Mann), and then they find… » 3/20/14 3:10pm 3/20/14 3:10pm

The Definitive Guide to Mistress Names

When men in the public eye engage in unsavory sex stuff, there's a choreography to navigating the path to redemption they're automatically afforded — the tight-lipped presser, the pledge to attend therapy or recommit to religion or husband the shit out of their wives, and then, after some strategic radio silence, the… » 7/26/13 11:30am 7/26/13 11:30am

Elle Writer's Ex: "It's A Strange Luxury To See Someone Else's Version Of Your Life"

One of the most offensive things about Philip Nobel's How-I-Left-Your-Mother Elle essay, "Danger Man," is the way he writes about the two women it primarily involves: his unnamed ex-wife, and his ex-girlfriend, "Ingrid." The difficulty of accurately describing the people one is close to aside, it seems inexcusable for… » 8/13/08 11:00am 8/13/08 11:00am