Is the Joke in Colin Jost's Shouts & Murmurs Piece That It Was Printed

Well, is it? I'm confused. Colin Jost has written for the Shouts & Murmurs humor section of the New Yorker before, to excessively mediocre effect ("What do you mean, 'stereotype'? I have no idea what type of stereo I own. Wait, I do. Bang & Olufsen"), but this latest piece, called "I Will Slap You," is a new and… »2/02/15 1:10pm2/02/15 1:10pm

Steubenville-Style Internet Vigilantism Caused All Kinds of Problems

Despite the fact that the Steubenville rape trial is over and the boys involved have been sentenced and are incarcerated, the story's hold on the national conversation about rape culture continues to dominate, whether it's through Serena Williams or anyone less famous than that. People still have opinions, and as… »7/29/13 5:45pm7/29/13 5:45pm

The Star Factory Behind Minami Minegishi, Shamed and Shaven J-Pop Star

Last week Japanese pop star Minami Minegishi, 20, one of the members of the popular girl group AKB48, shaved her head and filmed a tearful apology video to fans (since made private) after she was caught leaving her boyfriend's house on the morning of January 17th. One of the rules of the supergroup, which features 90… »2/10/13 3:00pm2/10/13 3:00pm