The Black-ish 'N Word' Episode Turned Out Just Fine

Conversations about “nigga” tend to sputter to a stop. Inevitably, generational divides and stout beliefs come into play, but the focus is always on who gets to say it and why. We then debate about whether these debates, as prevalent as the word itself, are even worth having. They definitely are, especially when done… »9/24/15 11:45am9/24/15 11:45am

Palin Interviewee Calls the President 'Hitler' [Update: Never Mind]

We may have laughed when Sarah Palin announced that she'd climbed down the ladder from Vice Presidential candidate all the way to Woman Who Rants Professionally On The Internet (hi, welcome!), but the former Alaska Governor was most definitely Not Fucking Around. Less than five hours into her subscription channel's… »7/31/14 1:20pm7/31/14 1:20pm

Discussion Of Racist Epithet Brings Elisabeth Hasselbeck To Tears

Things got really heated on The View today during a discussion of the N-word. The gals were talking about that tape on which Jesse Jackson can be heard uttering the racist insult, even though he was one of the main proponents of banning it. Anyway, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was trying to tell Sherri and Whoopi that they… »7/17/08 2:00pm7/17/08 2:00pm

Airport Sedition II: Is Jesse Jackson A Hypocrite Or Are We Just In A Depression?

Another day, another round of airports (only, this time, everyone's Stateside) as our semi-beloved Spencer Attackerman heads to Netroots Nation in Austin to represent the Washington Independent and I sit alone outside of security having driven him to BWI as way to convince him to keep doing Crappy through tomorrow.… »7/17/08 10:00am7/17/08 10:00am