Jim Henson's Original Pitch for The Muppet Show Is a Thing of Beauty

This isn't exactly new, but it's worth a watch because it will remind you of just how much you loved The Muppet Show. It's an original pitch that Jim Henson made for the show to sell it to CBS, and it's quite a tour de force. It's all the best things—the knowing humor, the visual tricks, the pure charm—that ended up… » 4/09/12 9:45pm 4/09/12 9:45pm

The Muppets Take Conservatism? Economist, Please.

The Economist is working my last nerve. After debating if women have it "immeasurably better" than they used to and the rise of "female power," they've turned their attention to the political persuasions of the Muppets. » 1/22/10 5:00pm 1/22/10 5:00pm