The Moldy Peaches Cash In On Juno With Ode To Going Golfing

Last night while watching CNN, I saw one of those cheesy family vacation commercials — this one for Atlantis, the resort in the Bahamas — and a very familiar song was playing. And then I realized that it was "Anyone Else But You," the tune heard almost every five minutes in Juno. The lyrics have been reworked to be… »7/23/08 11:00am7/23/08 11:00am


Barbara Walters Confesses To Ellen Page That She Doesn't Like The Moldy Peaches

Barbara Walters' Oscar Special isn't really exciting because of who she interviews (this time around it was Harrison Ford, Vanessa Williams, Ellen Page and Miley Cyrus) but how she interacts with them: The woman has a knack for camp. Maybe it's her accent (or speech impediment, whichever you prefer), or the fact that… »2/25/08 6:00pm2/25/08 6:00pm