Battle of the Sexists: Brazil Versus the Middle East?

Lourdres Garcia-Navarro is a Peabody award winning journalist who works for NPR as foreign correspondent. She recently relocated from the Middle East (where she had been covering the Arab Spring) to Sao Paulo, Brazil — a move she thought would be a relief because, after years spent living in conservative countries and… »3/17/14 1:40pm3/17/14 1:40pm

Social Scientist Says Oil Makes Women Second-Class Citizens

The problem with being a liberal some days is that there are just so many things to oppose: the patriarchy, obviously; global warming; big business; the War in Iraq; the War on Drugs; oil companies; pharmaceutical companies; health insurance companies; zoos (but not when they do conservation work); circuses all the… »4/03/08 4:00pm4/03/08 4:00pm