Magazine Thinks Hillary Clinton Spends Her Time "Sneaking Brownies"

Two big things jumped out at me when I saw Vanity Fair's new June cover. The Katy Perry profile is cover-teased as, "There's Even More Than Meets The Eye!" but, I must admit, what I saw first was her ample Meets The Eye. And then there was the Hillary Clinton cover line. "HILLARY CLINTON'S THIRD ACT: DEALING WITH… »5/12/11 5:20pm5/12/11 5:20pm


Look Who's Talking: Cellphone Snoops, The SecState, And Sarah Palin's Poultry Pardon

You know we've all done it — snooped on a romantic interest. He just left his cell phone lying there and you peeked at his text messages. Or he left his email running on your computer and you couldn't help »11/21/08 10:00am11/21/08 10:00am but have a tiny peek at what he's been saying and who he's been saying it to. So it probably comes as no surprise…

Race Relations: What's So Wrong About A Rich White Woman Interested In "Africa"?

A few weeks ago, Latoya Peterson, editor of the blog Racialicious, emailed me to proffer compliments over the success of the site and talk about Jezebel's coverage of racial issues, which, she explained, she wasn't particularly thrilled with. After a few email exchanges, I called her, and we talked for what seemed… »5/07/08 3:20pm5/07/08 3:20pm