Leering Men Have Their Leers Turned Against Them in New Indian Ad

This ad, released exactly one year after the nightmarish gang rape on a bus in New Delhi forced Indian authorities to acknowledge the country's flimsy sexual assault laws and burgeoning rape culture, quite literally forces men to look at how gross and predatory they look when they leer at women in public. The lyrics… »12/22/13 3:30pm12/22/13 3:30pm


'Men Draw What They Want To See:' Marvel Ed Takes Down The Male Gaze

On Wednesday, Marvel NOW released the first issue of chronicling the all-female mutant team of X-Men: Storm, Rogue, Psyocke, Jubilee, Shadowcat and Rachel Grey. I spoke to series editor Jeanine Schaeffer about the development of the series, the difficulties of breaking into the mainstream comics industry as a woman,… »6/01/13 2:30pm6/01/13 2:30pm