Johnny Depp Adopted by Comanche Nation; Should We Drop Charges of Redface?

Despite the fact that Johnny Depp is supposedly "reinventing" the character of Tonto in the re-imagining of The Lone Ranger, the early buzz has been mixed, with accusations of Redface. But last week, LaDonna Harris, a Comanche and president of Americans for Indian Opportunity, invited Depp to join the tribe. »5/22/12 1:10pm5/22/12 1:10pm

Johnny Depp Takes Tonto Character From Racist to Merely Culturally Insensitive

Look, anytime you're trying to update a fictional character created for the radio in 1938, you're going to run into some issues. Why Disney decided to dredge up the ancient Western franchise is anyone's guess, but The Lone Ranger is a go, hitting theaters in May 2013. The flick started shooting last week in New… »3/09/12 3:10pm3/09/12 3:10pm