Therapeutic Iguanas And Other Questionable Service Animals

As of March 15, the Americans With Diabilities Act will only recognize dogs and some miniature horses as service animals, The Wall Street Journal reports. Advocated for the disabled actually lobbied the Department of Justice to narrow the definition of service animals because the number of people abusing the system is… »2/24/11 1:38pm2/24/11 1:38pm


Amsterdam Hosts Pole-Dancing Championship • Texas Judge Orders Woman Not To Procreate

• Amsterdam hosted a European pole dancing championship »9/15/08 5:20pm9/15/08 5:20pm last Friday in hopes of showing that the activity is a physically-challenging sport for "regular" women. • Ugh: A study of 4-year-olds in Australia suggets that parents are "body ideals" in their children along gender lines (e.g., girls need to exercise more to…