Amy Schumer Threatened David Letterman With Her Vagina 

Amy Schumer visited The Late Show With David Letterman last night to tell some jokes and to announce that Inside Amy Schumer (which just won a Peabody Award) has been renewed for a fourth season. Schumer threatened to flash the momentarily terrified host her vagina, shared her mom’s awful bumper sticker advice,… »4/21/15 10:50am4/21/15 10:50am


Jennifer Lawrence Explains The Hunger Games To David Letterman

Jennifer Lawrence was on The Late Show last night, and Dave asked if The Hunger Games was a "vampire deal." Lawrence explained that it has nothing to do with vamps, and that it is a "very violent, futuristic movie where kids are randomly selected from their home districts to fight in an arena to the death. But we… »5/20/11 11:45am5/20/11 11:45am