Stephen Colbert Gets Bernie Sanders All Riled Up on The Late Show

While tonight’s Late Show interview with Bernie Sanders was absent any of the respective tears or deep, deep discomfort that characterized Colbert’s two biggest moments so far (and at least compared to every other candidate interview we’ve seen), Sanders still manages to leave you with the impression that the man is… »9/19/15 11:15am9/19/15 11:15am

David Letterman vs. Mr. Rogers: Two Meditations on Manhood

If you were born in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Mr. Rogers taught you how to be an adult and then years later, David Letterman taught you that you really didn’t have to be one, after all. Although Rogers was arguably the most sincere man on TV and Letterman was the most cynical, the two men actually have a surprising amount in… »5/20/15 3:30pm5/20/15 3:30pm

Julia Roberts Tells Dave Letterman Why He's Cruel to Young Actresses

David Letterman is leaving this earth (rather, he’s leaving television, which is reportedly worse). As he does so, his biggest fans are coming by The Late Show to say goodbye. On Wednesday night, that meant a visit from Julia Roberts, who reminisced about how scared she was to visit Dave during her first appearance… »5/14/15 12:45pm5/14/15 12:45pm

Will Smith Is a Prisoner Of Daughter Willow's Teenage Emotions

Willow Smith might be the famous daughter of a celebrity but she's also a 14-year-old girl full of colliding hormones. You know, like we once were. On Thursday, her dad Will Smith stopped by David Letterman—who's still on, amazing—and talked about the perpetual Teenage Girl Independence Day going on at home and how… »2/19/15 11:30am2/19/15 11:30am

Christopher Walken's First Meeting With Clint Eastwood Was Perfect

It's a universally accepted truth that anything that comes out of Christopher Walken's mouth is always going to be disturbingly creepy. If he were to read the ingredients in a box of Shredded Wheat, you'd probably go sleepless for days, terrified of every flicker in your shadow. But he also has the uncanny ability to… »6/11/14 11:26pm6/11/14 11:26pm

Tom Hanks' Latest Historical Mini-Series: The History Of The Pop Tart

I'll say it again: Tom Hanks is a national treasure. Here's a clip from his appearance on the Late Show, in which he pokes fun at his habit of making historical mini-series on HBO by announcing his latest pet project: an 11-part series on the creation of the Pop Tart. He plays Bert Loomis, without whom we may have… »12/16/11 2:20pm12/16/11 2:20pm

7-Year-Old Critic Declares Worst Part Of Muppets Movie Is Jason's Segel's Face

Last night on the Late Show, Jason Segel played show-and-tell with what he calls his "new favorite possession of all time," — a framed comment card from an early screening of his new Muppet movie. The flick was played for test audiences of both adults and children, and the producers received one comment card that… »11/15/11 4:30pm11/15/11 4:30pm

Anna Faris Explains How She Stayed A Virgin For So Long

Believe it or not, Anna Faris got her very first acting gig because she was "chunky." At the tender age of 16, she starred in a commercial for fat-free frozen yogurt which is basically a recipe for disaster in terms of high school bullying. Said Anna, "If you want your daughters to stay virgins put them in headgear… »9/29/11 3:05pm9/29/11 3:05pm

Paul Rudd Thanks Girl Who Picked Him Up On The Side Of The Highway

While stranded on the Van Wyck Expressway and about to miss his flight, Paul Rudd did something only a man with his angelic face could get away with: sticking his thumb in the air in hopes of hitching a ride from a random New Yorker. To thank the kind girl who picked him up, Rudd invited her onto the Late Show last… »8/26/11 3:40pm8/26/11 3:40pm