The Romantic Tale of How Lindsay Lohan Paid a Porn Star for Sex While Dad Was Snoring Upstairs

Today in romantic, porn star Alex Torres — aka Voodoo – claims Lindsay Lohan paid him for sex and that the gruesome twosome went at it while her dear daddy Michael Lohan slumbered upstairs. Though this should be taken with a pinch of salt, and possibly a roofie, the sky-diving porn enthusiast [NSFW] insisted it was… »3/20/12 9:00am3/20/12 9:00am


Audrina Patridge Gets A New Home (& Baby) • Tina Wears Sunglasses In Flight

Welcome back to the Monday morning edition of Snap Judgment, in which we publish the celebrity snaps that came in over the earlier part of the weekend. Inside: Audrina Patridge, Tina Fey, Kate Winslet, Ne-Yo, Queen Beatrix, Josh Hartnett, and The Jonas Brothers filming in Los Angeles. All those — and others — in a… »9/22/08 9:10am9/22/08 9:10am