Meryl Streep: Hollywood Hates Strong-Minded Women & Intelligent Filmgoers

On 60 Minutes last night, Meryl Streep talked about her new movie, The Iron Lady, and Morley Safer had the audacity to point out that she often plays strong-minded women. Streep countered: "No one has ever asked an actor, 'You're playing a strong-minded man…' We assume that men are strong-minded, or have opinions.… »12/19/11 2:30pm12/19/11 2:30pm


Meryl Streep Nails Margaret Thatcher In Iron Lady Teaser Trailer

In this glimpse of The Iron Lady — directed by Phyllida Lloyd — we see two men attempting to coach the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep. While Streep is only on screen for mere seconds, it's obvious that once again, she's completely transformed and disappeared into her… »7/07/11 10:28am7/07/11 10:28am