Male Military Assault Victims Feel 'Betrayed' By Oscar-Nominated Doc The Invisible War

Before the major sexual assaults at Lackland Air Force Base were exposed, it was a long, silent slog for women in the military. But ever since, it's been a banner year: abortion may be more readily insured, women like ex-Marine Sarah Anderson have come forward to let pundits have it for commenting that female… »2/10/13 5:30pm2/10/13 5:30pm


Yesterday's Civil Rights Commission Hearing Addressed Sexual Assault in All Branches of U.S. Military

A briefing conducted by the Civil Rights Commission in D.C. on Friday and attended by representatives from each branch of the U.S. military, aimed to discuss the problem and prevention of sexual assault in the ranks, proved that change is at hand, but there's still a ways to go. Among the issues discussed were… »1/12/13 2:40pm1/12/13 2:40pm